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Forum Overview

This page lists the most important sites for discussing all aspects of evolution@home. It also points to directories that list scientific conferences about evolution.

Scientific Conferences

EvolDir does a great job at covering upcoming scientific conferences and workshops about evolutionary topics.

Unofficial forums for evolution@home

Currently evolution@home does not have the manpower to maintain an official online forum in decent shape. Thus for now forums will only be contributed as "unofficial" forums by people who have the capacity to run a forum on their webspace. Nobody at evolution@home is responsible for maintaining these forums. Please observe the basic netiquette described below.

The following unofficial forums for evolution@home are sponsored by science@home:
  • English (Sorry for the German labels):
    • Technical Details for Participating: practical tips for installation issues, results-submission, task-selection and similar topics.
    • Future Features: propose new features, discuss implementation priorities, etc.
    • High Scores: discuss performance of your CPU or group, invite new members to your group, performance of evolution@home in general and similar topics
    • Other: everything directly related to evolution@home that does not belog to the categories above.
  • Deutsch (German): Bitte grundlegende Netiquette beachten.
    • Technische Details zum Mitmachen: praktische Tipps für Installation, Einschicken von Ergebnissen, Zusammenstellen von Runfiles und ähnliches.
    • Wunschliste: Neue Features vorschlagen, Prioritäten diskutieren etc.
    • Highscores: Diskussionen über die Rechenleistung der eigenen CPU oder Gruppe, die eigene Gruppe bekanntmachen, Rechenleistung von evolution@home im allgemeinen und ähnliches
    • Sonstiges: alles, was direkt mit evolution@home zusammenhängt, aber nicht zu einer der obigen Kategorien gehört.
  • Currently, no other languages are supported.


An evolution@home forum can be a great place to be, when you are interested in evolution@home and want to be part of the community of those that dedicate their computers to do evolutionary research.

You may ...

  • read about some of the latest trends,
  • discuss anything regarding evolution@home, like e.g.
    • simple how-to questions,
    • technical aspects on operating simulators and contributing computing time,
    • technical features that you would like for future simulators,
    • general things you would like to change,
    • things you would not like to change,
    • future directions of evolution@home,
  • introduce your computing group,
  • discuss progress in high score races,
  • report computing milestones of your computing group.

You may not ...

  • personally attack people or promote lies,
  • promote high score cheating tricks, other hacks or illegal things,
  • post excessively repeated solicitations calling for others to become a member in your team
  • discuss anything that has nothing to do with evolution@home, be it of general biological, evolutionary, philosophical, world-view related, religious, political or other interest.

History of forums

The first unofficial forum of evolution@home was operated by David Robinson, Founder of the Team Eagles, from June 2002 - March 2005 until hackers destroyed it to the point that it could not be rebuilt with reasonable effort. A thousand thanks for your contribution, David! 

The second unofficial forum of evolution@home is being operated by science@home, starting from May 2005. Thank you to get us started again, Jürgen!

What you need to run a forum

The first evolution@home forum was eventually hacked and could not be restored with reasonable effort. So, to run a forum, you need to

  • have webspace with a reasonable forum software,
  • know how to keep your forum software up to date, so that the latest security problems are fixed in a timely manner and hackers don't get too much of a chance,
  • know the legal implications of running a forum (that can be quite complex, depending on the country your are in),
  • have enough time to read all the messages posted to the forum and delete all obvious nonsense and illegal stuff in a timely manner.

If you want to be listed on this page as running another unofficial evolution@home forum, then get in touch.

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