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How you can help.

There are many ways you can help our cause:

  • Compute now. Download a simulator and start computing, especially those tasks that take several days or more to complete, if you can run your computer for that long without rebooting. Help your friends to do the same. The current semi-automated simulator is not complicated to use despite its non-graphical user interface. If you personalize your results, your contributions will be listed in the high scores that are updated every several weeks.
  • Compute later. If you would like to participate in evolution@home, but you find the current simulator too unappealing or the updates of high scores too infrequent, then revisit this site from time to time: we are working on improvements of our technical infrastructure. You may also want to contact us, to get a notice of major new developments.
  • Site-promotion. Feel free to use our logo / banner on this page for linking to us from your homepage for example.
  • Journalism. You may want to write an article about evolution@home. If you need further information about evolutionary-research that you can not find on these pages, you can contact us. If you are a professional journalist and you want to be informed on new developments ahead of time, then please let us know.
  • Donations and advertisement. If you are sympathetic to our cause and you want to support us either directly or by buying ads from us, then please contact us so that we can inform you about opportunities when they arise.
  • Programming. While there is lots of programming work to do within evolution@home, there is also a steep learning curve to getting involved. The connectedness of many related functional modules currently limits what we can hand out to other programmers. Once the foundation is established, we will be able to distribute programming tasks. If there is something that we can hand out, we will post it here on this very page. If you definitively want to get involved, then contact us, tell us what your areas of expertise are and how you think you can contribute. We can then check, if there is a meaningful project. At the moment anybody who is willing to help answer questions about the following topics would be of great help:
    • HDF5
    • event-driven simulation mechanisms
    • multidimensional indexing
  • Plone site development. If you know the content management system "Plone", then you will recognize that this is what we are using. Plone is a powerful future-proof system that offers enough room to grow. If you know Plone well and are interested in helping with the development of this site (e.g. develop a new skin, installing and testing various products etc.), then please contact us and we'll let you know more.

Drop us a line, if you think that we missed a way on how people can help.

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