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Official switch to the new site

Its finally done.

Official switch to the new site

A reason to celebrate ...

By now enough content has been transitioned to the new site to allow a switching of the existing main traffic to the new site. It will still take some time to transition all the other content and even more time to develop all those parts of the site that never even existed in the old system. That doesn't matter at this moment, because from now on all the functionality of the old system can be handled by the new system in combination with some occasional pointers to the old sites. You will be able to find the old sites at the following stable links: 
=  the last english version (frozen Sept 2006) 
=  a very old german version

An important consideration in choosing a content management system for the new website of evolution@home was the support and ease with which it facilitates a site to grow. Thus, further develoment of the site will be mostly gradual. You are welcome to monitor the latest changes.

In case any sort of trouble may affect this site, we have set up a static emergency online presence that is technically completely independent from our new content management system. The emergency site will carry any hot news in case the main site has foreseeable maintenance down-times or unforeseeable problems that we are working on.

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