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First high scores on new site

The semi-automated high scores have now been ported to the redesigned website.

First high scores on new site

A list of contributors of CPU time ...

The transition to the new website content management system had interrupted the normal computing high scores upgrade cycle. Now the necessary adjustments have been made in the scripts that compile the high scores and updates can again continue as usual (i.e. one update every few weeks).

Check out

               the new high scores here

to see who lately contributed results to evolution@home.

Due to limitations in the current implementation of the results database, the new high scores will cover all submissions for Project 3 that have been received after the 18th of July 2006. All older high scores are still available as separate lists on the new high scores page. All these separate lists will be merged into one big list once the new results database will have been implemented.

Some of you have been waiting for fully automated daily updates. Unfortunately we are not able to implement them at this time. However rest assured that the redesigned high scores will come eventually.

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