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The 7th birthday of evolution@home

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Simulator005 started its public operation today 7 years ago. Time for some celebration.

Evolution@home has survived a surprising list of events: A crisis, the burst of a company that had offered to handle all the global computing and hardware needs, a chronic lack of resources, a move to a different university, the frustration of substantial redesign activity that turned out to be too limited and the long wait for a sensible long-term web content management system, among other things.

Yet still computing. And producing results. The Muller's ratchet results data base that has been and is being built is the largest in the world and five scientific studies have been completed that used it, some of which are in press and others will be reported soon as part of our new updates season. More scientific studies are in preparation. It seems that we are really getting somewhere. Not bad for a project that is not really paid for by anybody.

The future

What will the future bring? Well, lots more simulators, more ease of use and more scientific results - and of course more participants, at least that's what we all hope on the long term. More tangible short term goals include the following:

  • Develop Simulator006. More on that later, but there is good reason to hope that there will be a new simulator very soon.
  • Improve the interaction with BOINC and the results management in the background.
  • Improve Simulator005 and the high scores management system to full automation. This is one of our long-standing problems.
  • Write up the next analysis of Muller's ratchet.
  • Develop this blog into something that keeps readers well informed about various aspects of evolutionary research.

Happy Birthday!


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