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High scores: 260 CPU years of total contributions

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With the help of fully automated global computing via BOINC-yoyo, the total contributions to evolution@home have reached 260 CPU years. The list of most important work units for the semi-automated email system has been adjusted accordingly.

The latest high scores update is out now (see here). It shows two things:

  • Results by email remain active as ever, which is important. The total has reached 138.5 CPU years, of which 37.7 were contributed in the current counting session. These tasks are vital for the long running computing tasks that are not processed by BOINC-yoyo at the moment (> 48 hours on a Pentium 3 equivalent CPU).
  • Results from BOINC-yoyo are accumulating fast. The total has reached 123.5 CPU years in the less than 5 months, since the project started. This is despite the absence of a publicity campaign and the lack of a check-pointing feature in Simulator005 that would allow the continuation of a simulation after a complete shut-down, something that the BOINC community is used to.

Overall, the addition of the BOINC-yoyo computing system has greatly improved the computing power of evolution@home. This gives a taste of the opportunities that exist for a system that can also save intermediate states in the computation of more complex work units.

We have removed how the simpler work units form the semi-automated scheduling system to reflect the increased computing power from BOINC-yoyo that can deal with work units that take less than 48 hours on our standard system, a 500 MHz Pentium 3 CPU. For the most important work units in the semi-automated system, see here.


A big thank you to all participants

and to for starting BOINC-yoyo!


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