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Latest high scores

The latest high scores of computing for evolution@home. See the pages listed here for detailed computing stats in the various disciplines that exist in the race for the top contributing positions.

At the moment the computation of high scores is a semi-automated process that needs manual interaction and can only be completed every several weeks (depending on the other work load). Therefore these updates are irregular.


Total CPU time contributed 

Email and BOINC submissions combined have reached:


654 CPU years

(until 1 Jun 2010)

A big thank you from evolution@home!


Traditional evolution@home high scores

Currently these high scores are for normal email-submissions only. BOINC high scores are processed independently and reported separatley below.

Click here for the latest fully detailed high scores for Project 3 only
(63.22 CPU-years of direct submissions by email since 18 July 2006; updated 1 Jun 2010)

Shortcuts to Top20 of total CPU-time:   Groups  -  Individuals
Shortcuts to Top20 of total work done:   Groups  -  Individuals

The next update is scheduled for around Sept 2010.


BOINC high scores

The high scores of the current BOINC prototype are not published in as much detail as the email submissions above, as the current BOINC wrapper does not include information from particular groups or participants in the results. Thus only the following summary statistics are worth mentioning:

CPU-time total:              over 490 years
(Submissions from Nov 2007 up to 1 Jun 2010)

More details and high scores on who contributed to this can be found on the yoyo website. Thanks to and all BOINC participants!

Previous email high scores (>100 years CPU-time)

At the moment it is not possible to unify all contribution high scores in one big list. Therefore you need to add up the contributions of a participant in all of the existing lists to get his overall contribution. This will change, as soon as automated high scores computation will arrive, but this will still take a bit of time. In the meantime, please consult the following old high scores lists:

Project 3 (up to 18 July 2006): 15.3 years CPU-time

Project 1+2 (up to 3 Jan 2006): 85.5 years CPU-time
Please note that submissions for Project 1+2 are still accepted, even if they are currently not incorporated into the high scores regularly. Eventually everything will be updated.

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