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A collection of links to homepages of researchers and institutes with an interest in evolution.

This page lists the core developers of evolution@home. Please note that many other people also contribute to the development by occasional discussions.

The other pages in this folder point to external scientists and institutes that do evolutionary research. These pages are growing stochastically, which means that there is a huge random element in determining who will be added next. In principle everybody working in that area can get an entry. If you want to be added to this index, or if you have corrections, then let us know.


EvRe Scientists


Loewe, Laurence - Edinburgh, UK
Evolutionary genetics and systems biology: Distributions of mutational effects, consequences of slightly deleterious mutations, Muller's ratchet, globally distributed computing, Gillespie simulations of molecular populations, individual-based simulations of evolution, mutation rates in the stationary phase of bacteria.



Other directories
A worldwide network for evolutionary biology. Great site to find out about other researchers.


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