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Working in the Loewe Lab

Here are open positions with instructions for how to apply to work in the Evolutionary Systems Biology Group at the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



Are you interested in our research and looking for a position as a graduate student or postdoc?

We are always looking for good students and good programmers. We offer a very simulating environment and work hard at pushing the boundaries of science in in a number of areas. If interdisciplinary work fascinates you and you have a specific idea about how you could contribute to our group, we would like to hear from you. If we think this is a good fit, we will work with you to apply for funding. If you are looking for postdoc funding, you can apply at various places for your own fellowship (e.g. NIH, NSF) or write a grant with the principal investigator. Graduate students and postdocs are expected to develop and implement their own independent research programs that interface with ongoing efforts in creative new ways.

In principle, undergrads can either work on predefined projects (listed below if available) or propose their own projects like grad students. If we think it fits well, then we will do what we can to accommodate such initiatives, assuming there is enough bandwidth to support such proposals.

Please think about how your interests and skills might fit in with the rest of the group before you send an email.

This lab is computational only, so you can't use any wet-lab skills you might have.

You will need to be able to tame computers at various levels if you want to succeed in our group. At this point we are mostly looking for outstanding programmers.


Current opportunities

  • Grad student and postdocs:
    • Please contact us with your specific research interests, we will then see, how they fit into the molecular systems biology or population genetics or ecology simulations work of interest to the lab.  In our lab you will either be a user of Evolvix or a developer of Evolvix or help design some part of Evolvix.
  • Fellowships:
    • You are welcome to take a  consider taking a fellowship to our lab, let's discuss how this might interface with the work of our group. There are a number of potential opportunities.
  • Student jobs (and potentially other jobs). You need to bring some of the following:
    • Excellent C++, JavaScript, Python programming skills
    • Have programmed with HDF5 or LLVM or node or React or iPython or D3
    • Industry experience with best programming practices are a plus.



Supporting the development of Evolvix

Generally many skills are needed for advancing Evolvix:

  • excellent programmers, language designers, compiler builders, data modeling experts, C++, JavaScript, Python etc coders; if you are outstanding  and/or have industry experience, please let us know, we have jobs coming up.
  • domain experts like biologists, chemists, physicists, engineers, statisticians and mathematicians to help us refine our modeling approaches. 
  • reviewers at many levels, from experts who help us to make sure what we do and say is accurate, to beginners who help us to make sure that the new features are easy to understand and use.
  • testers at many levels (alpha, beta, etc) who help us to ensure that Evolvix actually works out of the box for as many people as possible (we already have an automated build system for some basic tests). 
  • editors and writers who help us write an excellent manual that actually answers the questions of Evolvix users, along with various examples for how Evolvix can be used in various disciplines.

To coordinate that many contributions, we have been developing a system that is independent from the usual development tools like Git, Jira, and Confluence (which we all use). We are now in the process of setting up this collaborative editing system, mostly to facilitate our own development process and move the Evolvix design from scribbled paper to properly formatted documents.  Contributing will become *much* easier, once this system of "Evolvix DesignDocs" is up and running in a publishable form. We are getting close, but are not there yet.

Let us know if you think you can help in some capacity and we will let you know if we have something, where you could contribute now, soon or maybe later.

If you think developing something like Evolvix is a terrific idea and would like to support our project financially, please let us know.



Student jobs

There are various student projects that could be done for credit or for experience or as student hourly. At the moment we are looking for:

  • Excellent programmers: Interested in an exciting opportunity with lots of responsibility? We want to hear from you. Please detail your experience and skills and send also some sample code you are proud of and that you have written *entirely* yourself.
  • Molecular biologists interested in helping to build detailed models of circadian clocks.
  • Abstract algebra / set theory students interested in working with a biologists to help define how algebras are defined in Evolvix.

If you want to work on these or other projects in our group, please send your CV and explain what you want to do and why this is interesting for you.


How to apply

If you want to apply for any position in our lab and if not specified otherwise, please prepare the following materials and send them to loewe at wisc dot edu with "Application" and appropriate additional key words in the subject line:

  • Cover letter highlighting
    • your strengths and skills,
    • how you think you can contribute to our group and
    • how you think you will benefit from being in our group.
  • Research interests
    • Can be as detailed (no page limit) or as short as you want, as long as this specifies enough details so we can assess for ourselves how much overlap there is between your interests and the work of our group.
    • If you do not think that you have research interests or are applying for any non-scientific position, then please send us >200 words about your career goals and general goals in life.
  • CV
  • If you are a student or recent graduate, please send us a transcript detailing which courses you took.
  • If you don't send us a transcript, please send us the contact details of former employers, who could write references for you (or explain why that is not possible). 
  • If you apply for any position that might include serious programming, please also send some code samples that were entirely and completely written by you (they don't have to compile, but they have to be what you consider 'understandable' or 'well written' and they must not contain any code that was not written by you (no class projects please).



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