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Laurence Loewe short overview of teaching


Teaching interests

My teaching interests are mostly in evolutionary genetics, molecular systems biology, evolutionary systems biology and all the modeling and programming needed to advance research in those areas.

In my lectures I try to have something for everyone: provide a basic frame that is easy enough to understand for most students. Then I add in extras for students who are especially interested and would like to know more details.


The first 3 credit Course in Evolutionary Systems Biology


Applications are now open for this exciting course in evolutionary systems biology, now running in the 3rd year.


Ideal for beginners.

This course is about helping you to learn how to build models touching topics selected from the union of everything in systems biology, evolutionary biology, and modelling. This course is not just about a very special intersection of fields.

You can BYOMQ (Bring Your Own Modeling Question) from any area in biology or else choose from some preselected modeling questions. You will work in interdisciplinary groups to build and refine your computational model.

Prerequisites: Interest in modeling, simulations and biology. Nothing else. Any student from any Bio, Chem, Phys, Stats, Math, Engineer discipline is welcome at any level. Students will be grouped appropriately to maximize hands-on learning.


For more details on how to register, please visit the course website at

Fall 2015: Genetics 677-11: Evolutionary Systems Biology, 3 Credits, Lectures: Tue 1-2:15pm, Lab: Thur 1-2:15pm


History of the EvoSysBio Course:

Fall 2014: Genetics 677-11: Evolutionary Systems Biology, 3 Credits, Lectures: Tue 1-2:15pm, Lab: Thur 1-2:15pm; used Evolvix 0.3.0

Fall 2013: Genetics 677-11: Evolutionary Systems Biology, 3 Credits, Lectures: Tue 9:30-10:45am, Lab: Thur 9:30-10:45am; used Evolvix 0.1.6


Other Teaching

At UW-Madison:


In 2006/2007 I covered the teaching duties of Prof. Nick Barton (book; homepage) as a Lecturer in Evolutionary Genetics at the University of Edinburgh. I taught selected portions in the following courses:

  • Foundations of evolution
    (4x2h, MSc in Evolution of Language and Cognition)
  • Introduction to population genetics
    (2x1h, MSc Quantitative Genetics & Genome Analysis)
  • Evolution of sex & breeding systems (course website)
    (2x2h + course organization, 4th year honours students)
  • Major transitions in evolution
    (2x2h, Animal Evolution, 4th year honours students))
  • Speciation
    (2x1h lectures + tutorials, Ecological Genetics, 3rd year biology students)
  • Evolution honours tutorials
    (2x1h, advanced topics, 4th year honours students)
  • Evolutionary genetics module (course website)
    (4x2h lectures + practicals + course organization, MSc in Quantitative Genetics & Genome Analysis)
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