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Explanations of various scientific terms frequently used in evolutionary research.

How it works

Humans are creative and invent their own language to simplify communication. Scientists are no exception, only that the language they speak can be so difficult to understand that it can easily make you give up all attempts to understand them. This does not have to be so. If you encounter special vocabulary in the context of evolution, then the following growing glossary shall help you to understand.

If you encounter words that are not explained here, please contact us. We will try our best to find an easy explanation that we will include here, so these pages are set to grow.


Muller's ratchet
Transposable Element

Other Glossaries

  • Holmgren Life Science Glossary
    An extensive collection of developmental biology, genetics, cell biology, molecular biology, molecular genetics, and biochemistry definitions. Maintained by scientists.
  • Wikipedia
    Contains many useful definitions and introductions, not only for evolutionary biology. Contributors are not always specialists in their field, so you may have to be more careful with the information that you take from there.
  • Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
    Thousands of peer-reviewed authoritative articles from leaders in the field that introduce you to a wide range of life science topics. Great, if you want more than a short definition - and if you happen to have electronic access.

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