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News Item High scores update
A new update of the high scores is available for all email submissions. BOINC results will be processed later.
News Item BOINC-EvoHo prototype successfull
Development of a prototypic integration of Simulator005 into the fully automated BOINC global computing system has already lead to over 80 years of CPU-time ...
News Item German Translation Infrastructure
In order to facilitate a much requested German translation, new software was installed. Now the actual translation work can begin.
Folder May
evolution@home: new results predict extinction times for the Amazon molly.
News Item Evolution@home predicts Muller's ratchet in human mtDNA
Today the first biological results paper of evolution@home was published in Genetical Research by Cambridge University Press. It analyses deleterious mutation ...
News Item The 7th birthday of evolution@home
Simulator005 started its public operation today 7 years ago. Time for some celebration.
News Item Muller's ratchet quantified in the Amazon molly
The Amazon molly has long been suspected of being threatened with extinction by Muller's ratchet. Now evolution@home has found that indeed there is a genomic ...
News Item New evolution@home computing project for Simulator005
A new set of computing tasks is published today in order to further investigate how two different types of slightly harmful DNA changes interact with each ...
Page Evolution@home results overview
News Item evolution@home demonstrates minimalist global computing
Right from the start evolution@home employed a minimalist approach to global computing due to a severe lack of resources. The manuscript describing experiences ...
News Item Seth A Keel joins the Evolutionary Systems Biology Group at UW-Madison
Seth A Keel brings his experience as an IT manager to help improve the infrastructure behind evolution@home
News Item Starting the Evolutionary Systems Biology Group at UW-Madison
Laurence Loewe, founder of evolution@home, joins the faculty of the Laboratory of Genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
News Item The evolutionary research blog has started
Read new entries about evolution in general and evolution@home in particular, including new results, old gems, practical applications and tools for the ...
News Item High scores: 260 CPU years of total contributions
With the help of fully automated global computing via BOINC-yoyo, the total contributions to evolution@home have reached 260 CPU years. The list of most ...