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Download the hottest simulators of evolution@home from this page.

At the moment the latest simulator is release 6 of Simulator005. You can find binaries for MacOS and Windows on the

Simulator005 download page


on the old homepage, until everything is finally moved to the new infrastructure. Here are the most important shortcuts:

You need one of these simulators, if you want to participate in

Project 3 of Simulator005.

This is the latest computing project of evolution@home and here you can find its

latest run-files.

For a short description of the existing evolution@home computing projects, see the old Simulator005 projects homepage. For a general how-to introduction on evolution@home global computing, see here.

If you want more details, please refer to the old Simulator005 documentation (see buttons on the right there) until all content has been transitioned to the new website.

Enjoy computing!

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