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Quick start for newcomers

This page describes how easy it is to start contributing CPU-power to evolution@home.

Evolution@home is currently only semi-automated, so you need to follow these simple steps if you want to contribute computing time:

  1. Download the worker software "Simulator005" and put the executable in a dedicated folder (e.g. "evolution@home" on your desktop).
  2. The first start and configuration. Start the program and enter your preferences:
    • Upper limit for the RAM-size and computing time you are willing to commit to a single simulation (not more than 50 MB and 7 days unless you know what you are doing!)
    • You can personalize the results if you want, but you dont have to.
    • Now the simulator will run a benchmark testing your committed memory. This is to avoid unpleasant surprises later. If the simulator misbehaves, reduce the memory you dedicate.
  3. Download tasks. The hottest tasks for Simulator005 are here. Choose a row and column that reflect as much as you are willing to contribute in CPU-time and memory. Open the corresponding page. Save it as text or as html page source in your simulator's folder under the name "run" or "run.txt".
  4. Start the simulator with a double click. To optimize computing, switch off screen savers and energy saving. Put a link (or alias) to the simulator in the autostart (or startup) folder of your Windows (or Mac) operating system to automatically start the next simulation after you log in.
  5. Now forget about the system, but only for some time.
  6. CRUCIAL: Remember to submit results by email, else your contribution will not help. Feel free to choose your own submission intervals. All details you need to know for submission are here.
  7. To get new tasks once the simulator has stopped after completing the current run-file, goto (3) above.


Here are a bit more detailed explanations. If you want much more details, please refer to the old Simulator005 documentation (see buttons on the right there) until all content has been transitioned to the new website.

If you like the idea, but prefer to wait for the fully automated global computing system that is under development and that will no longer require manual submission of results, then please let us know and we will keep you up to date.

Enjoy computing!

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